10 Best Free E-Commerce CMS

E-commerce has grown into one of the most feasible ways to establish a market presence. For those already reining the market it’s a channel for cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for products services. There are a good number of firms who have tasted success with eCommerce. Especially the Open source e-commerce applications are being largely used to fillip businesses. The whole game is how to fit the ecommerce app to your.

1. Magneto – For user as well as admin, this software has some strong features to support e-commerce.  It allows multiple stores to be managed from a single admin interface.

Magneto is one of the best free E-commerce CMS

Magneto is one of the best free E-commerce CMS

2. OXID esales – This open source e-commerce system is ready for B2C, B2B and social commerce scenarios.

3. Prestashop – What attracts most is it’s sleek interface. With this open source you can create special deals such as gift vouchers, price reductions, tag products.

4. osCommerce – t is one of the oldest free e-commerce apps that offer several marketing options and supports most of the payment system. This multilingual and SEO friendly app works with PHP/MySQL.


5. Digistore – This is developed from the osCommerce engine with improvements in front end and admin of app. It provides a platform for selling physical & virtual goods.

6. OpenCart – This PHP – MySQL shopping cart system is simple-looking application but it has all the must-have features.

7. Freeway – This app has some innovative ideas for selling. It’s can be used to sell a guitar lesson or rent a tennis court on a given date and time.

8. Zen Cart – It’s a free and compatible open source shopping cart software.  Developed by a group of shop owners, programmers, designers and  consultants.

9. Ecommr – This app offers the website presenting interface and design elements of e-commerce websites in a categorized way.

10. Spree – Another ecommerce platform using Ruby on Rails. Spree allows improvement and customization. With the Active Merchant plugin it supports most of the payment processors.

Interesting post… probably wouldn’t include osCommerce in there (or anything built from it) – it is probably the worst eCommerce ‘solution’ I have come across, Magento & OpenCart are my favourites.

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