Review of e-commerce plugins for wordpress

I’m going to take a look at the major e-commerce plugins (not themes, because this probably should be an apples-to-apples comparison). First up, let’s bundle all those features together into one nice big list and see who does what… this might end up being a work-in-progress, because in some cases, it’s not immediately obvious whether the features are included. If I’ve missed something, let me know.

Feature WP-Ecommerce Eshop Shopp YAK QuickShop
Pricing Free or $40/195 for Gold, plus other modules Free, open source $55 single site, $299 developer Free, open source, €20 for detailed handbook Free, open source
# of Downloads 277,527 57,415 ~3,000 19,575 (~7000 on sourceforge) 30,310
Memory Usage 6.15MB 0.90MB 2.5MB 1.13MB 0.10MB
Post-as-product * *
Multiple types of product (options/variations) * * * *, plus multi-select options *
Support for digital products * * * *
Confirmation email * * * *
Email templates * * Text & HTML Basic, text and html
Product search Gold version only Products are posts, so searchable via WP * Products are posts, so searchable via WP
Product templates * *
Product tags * * * *
Product catalog * *
Products groups/subgroups * Yes, through categorisation (I think) Hierarchical categories (probably the same) Yes, through categorisation
Product attributes or metadata * Yes, via normal post meta * Yes, via normal post meta Basic properties
Configurable out-of-stock message * * *
Order management/history * * *
Dashboard Widgets *
Themes * * (not free) Theme widgets, but not themes as far as I can tell
AJAX support (drag & drop, live update, etc) drag & drop with Gold version drag & drop shopping
Image upload Bulk upload Via WP Drag-and-drop Via WP
Drill-down (or filter) menus *
Promotions/Coupons * *, plus discounts by spending amount Rule Based (by amount, by percentage, free shipping and buy x get y free) Price or shipping discounts with promo codes, plus discounts by spending amount
Related products functionality * Possible with WP tags *
Subscription Module for Gold version
Membership support Module for Gold version
Flat rate shipping * * * * I think so
Weight based shipping * * *
Tiered and/or amount-based shipping *
USPS integration * Add-on
UPS integration * Add-on
Fedex integration Add-on
Shipwire integration *
CA Post integration Add-on
CSV (or other) export Products, Orders, Customer info Products, Orders Orders and Customers in Tab, CSV, (true) XLS and IIF for QuickBooks (orders only) Orders and Customer info
PayPal Std payments * (plus express checkout) * * (plus express checkout) * Redirects to PayPal
PayPal Pro payments * Add-on * payments * Add-on *
Google Checkout payments * * Partial
2checkout payments *
Chronopay payments *
PayJunction payments Add-on (US-only)
FirstData payments Add-on
HSBC ePayments Add-on
eWay payments Add-on (AU-only)
Payson payments * Add-on
eProcessingNetwork payments *
iDeal (moille) payments (Nederlands only) Add-on Add-on
NetCash payments (South Africa only) Add-on
Webtopay payments *
Manual Credit card payments *
Simple payments (cash, cheque, deposit) * *
Accounts receivable payments *
Recurrent billing Members module
Google Base integration * * *
Google Analytics integration Free add-on *
Facebook Marketplace integration *
Email marketing *
Affiliate program Gold (beta at time of writing)
Reports Business reports dashboard Basic Dashboard Stats & Aggregate information in the order log (by filtering) Simple sales reports
Category/Product RSS Feeds Business reports dashboard Basic Dashboard Stats & Aggregate information in the order log (by filtering) Simple sales reports
3rd party integration * Utilise feeds provided by WP
Developer API * *
WPMU support? * * * (not officially supported) *
Internationalisation * * *
Support Model Free support via Forum, paid support available Free support via Forum Free support via Forum Free support via Google Group, plus paid Free support via Forum, paid support by request

Hard to draw any real conclusions from this matrix — WP E-commerce probably leads in terms of features, but those features come with a (resource) cost. Shopp looks like it might come second (in terms of featureset), and certainly covers the most payment gateways, but it’s also a reasonable investment (particularly purchase of a developer license). Given it’s commercial-only, it’s impossible to know what performance or memory usage is like.

Given that no single plugin covers all the possible features, I guess it’s very much a case of identifying the things that are important to you, then choose the plugin which best covers that featureset.

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