How to Get the Highest Google Rank – Step 1

If you are trying to get a higher ranking on Google for our sites, this is what you need to know. In this step by step guide, I can show you how to appear within minutes on the first page. Just follow and you will see the results.

Quick Lesson on How Google and Other Search Engines Work…

For this brief explanation let’s use an example. Major search engines like Google work alike. When someone searches for a term like “Miami Beach homes for sale”, the search engine goes out to the World Wide Web and finds all the websites with the individual keywords Miami, Beach, homes, for, and sale. The search engines then try to rank these websites according to significance and popularity.

How Google and Other Search Engines Work

How Google and Other Search Engines Work

The significance aspect of this equation deals with the amount of times those keywords appear throught the page, and whether the content supports the use of the keywords. The other side of the equation is the popularity of the website. Major search engines believe that humans will naturally gravitate to higher quality websites and refer to them often. When another website links to yours, it is called a backlink and this favorable in the eyes of Google.
These steps below will make your website both significant and popular. It still amazes me how easy it is as long as you have the right guidance and tools. When it comes to this stuff, education is gold. I encourage you to click around the internet and just be inquisitive. What are other people doing to be successful? Now, let’s go the main Topic:

Step No 1: Profiles
Okay, first we need to start creating personal profiles for social networking and bookmarking websites. There are two great FREE tools you can use which will help you with some automation. Posting your website on these sites looks highly favorable to Google as it appears the general online community thinks your site is worth talking about. Search engines don’t know you’re the one talking about it – only simply that it is being talked about.

We are going to first create the profiles, then do the posting, it will take some time initially to set these up. Make sure to post a picture and fill in some minimal detail. Most of these sites will allow you to display your homepage which counts as an additional link to your page. Even if it doesn’t have a place for you a homepage, find someway to get you link on your profile. (Hint: always type your URL’s like this:, do not forget the http://) There is at least usually an “About Me” section you can squeeze it into. Another thing to make sure of is that your profile is public. Some sites like Facebook give you the option to keep your profile private to you friends. We want to let everyone see our links, including Google. BTW, use the same username, email, and password for every profile, you will be actively working these individually and want to be able to log back in.
There are two websites that will make this process much easier for you. The first site – will allow you to submit your link and/or message over 40 social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. with one click of a button. The other, is a great tool for publishing and posting content onto social bookmarking websites like digg, redit, Socialmarket lets you also attach keywords/tags to your posts which helps target other keywords and phrases. Both these tools together will enable you to post your link to around 80-100 websites in the matter of 15 minutes.
Bookmarking Demon is another option for managing your social bookmarking and networking profiles. This is a great program that will save you even more time and multiply the amount of traffic from high search-engine rankings as well as from your social networking efforts. If you are serious about getting any website to the first page, this program is a must. At least just check it out because when you do have to money, you need to buy this. Until then, the free tools will do the job just fine. Check it out here: Bookmarking Demon.


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