How to Get the Highest Google Rank – Step 2

Step No 2: Titles, Descriptions, Tags
When creating bookmarks, content, videos, anything, there are three very important components:

This is the most important because this is what is going to come up in the search results. It is important to put some thought into this and do some research. There are many free tools that will make this much easier. First check out Google Keyword Analyzer, as it might be the only one you need. With this you can enter in a key term and it will give you many, many suggestions with the amount of searches on Google for that particular term. You can also enter a website and it will pull keywords off of it. This is a good feature because these keywords will be the easiest for you to rank well with.

How to Get the Highest Google Rank

How to Get the Highest Google Rank

There is another set of tools that will give you much more detail when researching keywords. Maverick Money Makers has several great programs that allow you to find high traffic keywords, research uncompetitive search terms, spy on competitors, and more. Again, you can get by without it but if you serious about taking this to the next level and creating an enterprise of first page sites, you need this. The sooner you do, the sooner the paychecks. Check it out: Maverick Money Makers

Regarding the title, Keywords are essential. You should create your title around the main concept of what you’re trying to target. For example, if you are trying to sell a work at home service or product, your title would start off with: “Work From Home, Make Money From Home”. These are main search terms people use when searching for these types of programs. Next we want to add a little specificity to our title. Here we use our Google Keyword tool and search for high traffic related keywords. Along with the first part of our title we would add something like online, business, opportunity, job, etc., the more the better. By doing this we are also accommodating more specific search terms like “Work From Home…Online, business, opportunity” and any other keyword combo. The more specific, the easier it is to rank well.


There are a couple important things about the description. First you want it to be well written and enticing for someone to click on. Try not to be too promotional but keep it simple. Keeping it basic will force the reader to click the link for more information. It is extremely important to include the words in your title three times somewhere in your description. Along with these keywords, make sure to put your site address in http:// form.

Keywords and Tags

It may seem redundant but it is important, include all words used in title and description in the keyword section and you tags. Still keep it simple and only list about 5-6 general terms. Keywords must be displayed a certain way. Keywords separated by commas and multiple word phrases must be grouped with “quotation marks.” With our example, our keywords would look like this: {“Work From Home”, “Make Money From Home”, Online, Business, Opportunity, Job}. That’s it! It might not hurt to copy/paste these to the end of you description as well.

The sites listed on and are only a fraction of the Web 2.0 websites on the internet. Use a program like Bookmarking Demon to manage your social profiles and Maverick Money Makers to help you target more keywords and larger audiences. Tools like these are what professionals use and will definably help you succeed quicker and help you maximize your traffic and earnings.

An extra something you can do to generate more links to you site is to have an addthis button on your website. This will allow users to marl your website as useful and create their own bookmark of your site. If you want to take advantage of this organic way of creating links, you need to create a nugget that will encourage people to mark your site and come back for more. A simple game, article, blog, pictures, comedy, a lot of stuff works. Learn more about addthis here


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