How to Get the Highest Google Rank – Step 3

STEP No3: Videos and Traffic
The first two steps will dramatically impact the ranking of your site across all search terms. Depending on what you’re promoting, having a videos will skyrocket your traffic overnight and is actually quite easy to do. Another thing about videos is they are 10 times more likely to be bookmarked or re-posted by other users. We are setting the bait for other users to view and share our link with the world…for free!
The importance of a strong title, content, and tags are equally essential for videos too. The difference between bookmarks and videos is that good videos show up on the first page minutes after your submit it. You can obtain videos from many sources as or create them yourself with software like Easy Web Video. Obviously videos you create yourself are going to give you a much higher return because they are unique and unseen before. Remember when submitting them to video sharing websites, use the same criteria from the previous steps.

How to Get the Highest Google Rank

How to Get the Highest Google Rank

After you have created the video and submitted it, go back and post a bookmark for them on all of your social networking and bookmaking websites with your free tools or Bookmarking Demon. These videos are powerful, they appear on the first page and spread like wild fire. There is a list of video sharing websites in the appendix. Remember to add the link to your website in every video’s description and make sure you are linking to the video on you social networking pages.
The other component of link popularity is the actual amount of clicks your link receives. After a little while, your website will be getting more traffic than you can imagine but until then we need to be creative on how to generate this traffic artificially. We can sit at our computer and keep hitting the refresh button but that would take awhile and eventually Google would pick up on that. Try searching for ways to generate traffic as there are many ways to achieve this.
A great site I use to easily generate real traffic is Here I can get about 10,000 visitors to my website for only $12.00. This is usually all I will need before my site is appearing on the first page. It is super easy to sign up and the traffic comes from all around the world making it look as authentic as can be! Do this for your website, videos and articles. This will act as a catalyst for your earnings.
If it were easy everyone would be doing it. However, follow these steps completely and you will find success getting your site on the first page.


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