WordPress E-commerce website Design tips

Ecommerce website design is the art of designing and laying out content onto a page which is specifically designed for selling products or services online.

Keep in mind that there is a sea of competition and your wordpress ecommerce website design is the thing that is going to set you apart from the rest and encourage people to buy from you.

Your wordpress eCommerce website design is crucial to help you get more customers to your site and to get them to make a purchase. The key to good website design is visual impact, ease of use and that it exceeds your expectations.

Here are some tips i hope you can find useful in your online business.

  • Design:

With more businesses making money off the Internet than ever before, ecommerce website design is essential for converting visitors to customers. If you have an ecommerce site, you know that web design can make the difference between visitors and buyers. It is also the business of excellent website design for ecommerce sites to make the business “sticky” so that customers come back time and again. This can be accomplished by providing consumers with great content, but the great content must also be enveloped and accentuated by great design.

  • A note about Domain names:

Before designing your website you should consider what is it for or what are you promoting and pick a domain name that fits closely to your product or service.

Free web hosting vs. pay hosting ( something to consider)

Free web hosting is very enticing for the beginner or newbie, but if you are serious and plan on making your business grow it is vital that you pay for commercial web hosting because free web hosting companies rely on advertising from businesses and when they go elsewhere for their business needs the hosting company no longer exits. But you can find professional web hosting on the Internet or go to my website for more information.

  • HTML editors, Content Management Systems and PHP scripts:

You will have to do some research here and determine what is best for your business. For ecommerce websites it may be better to have a CMS or a php script for your website (wordpress). This is because you can easily update and ad new content to your website as your business grows. But this is for advanced users so if you are new to website design you can start out with an editor and learn some basic HTML and go on from there.

  • Keyword rich content:

Keywords are used for helping people find products or services they are looking when using search engines like google or yahoo. So it is important part of your website design. You can do this a number of ways, including using keywords in your meta tags, text, links, and search engine friendly pages.

  • And finally, validating your website:

Validating your website is essential in making your site search engine friendly and ranking high in search engines like google and yahoo. You can do this by visiting www.w3c.com and type in your website address and it will return any errors your website may have.

So do some research and implement some of these tips into your new online business and most importantly is have fun doing it.

Source: examiner.com


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