E-Commerce Website Design and normal Website Design

Websites are of different types. Those designing these websites have to take into consideration the requirements of each type and incorporate them into the design. For instance, the webmaster designing an ecommerce website has to bear in mind that these sites have to bring in the sales and visitors to the site need to be converted into paying customers. This can only be possible if the prospective customer has a feel good opinion and experience about the website and is willing to spend time navigating the website. This feel good experience is paramount as without it, a visitor or prospective customer will not transact any business though the site may have the products or services he actually requires, on display.
It brings us to the question of how is an ecommerce website different from a normal website. What are the nuances of such websites and can the website designer keep in mind the same parameters as he would for a normal website while designing a commercial website. Well, the answer is a resounding no. The ecommerce business dynamics and model makes it mandatory for the designer to don the hat of an entrepreneur and put in those intricate details so crucial to the success of a commercial website. Even though the concept and the ultimate execution of the websites may be the same, the devil as they say is in the details and this is where an ecommerce website design has to distinguish itself from the run of the mill usual websites.
Critical parameters for the feel good effect
An ecommerce website must invoke a feeling of trust, safety, accessibility and convenience within the prospective customer, when he visits your website. These feelings are non-negotiable and unless a web designer can incorporate sufficient and adequate measures and systems to make these a reality, that particular ecommerce website may not taste the success it should. The aspect of a secure payment gateway and secure merchant accounts especially since the prospective customer will be paying via credit or debit cards is something that is very sensitive and critical for the success of an ecommerce website.
There are other elements to a successful ecommerce website such as:
Image or Branding
The ecommerce website needs to be well marketed and made popular amongst the masses such that there is brand recall and people are pulled towards visiting the website for any of their online shopping requirements. This means that the design of the logo, the content and the page design must be carefully planned. These are some of the elements that do not acquire such significance in a normal website.
Convenience of Shopping Carts
It is not enough to engage the customer only till the stage that he decides to make a purchase. Many ecommerce websites have failed in their endeavor to provide an excellent online shopping experience at the check out stage by not presenting easy to use shopping cart, display charts and payment related interfaces. The customer having decided to make a purchase ends up clicking out of the site.
An ecommerce website design is thus far more complex and requires the web designer to have specialized skills to deliver the goods.
Source: ecommerce-resourcesuk.com