osCommerce An E-Commerce Solution

E-commerce is one of the most successful and effective business strategies used by most companies as an extension of their business using the Internet.  And it  has emerged to be the strongest form of  Internet Marketing strategy. Web design and ecommerce has become a vital component of the Information Technology industry.  Shopping cart solution is the most important aspect of e-commerce for it is the tool used to manage online transactions such as order processing and reporting.

osCommerce is an open source shopping cart e-commerce solution that contains both front-end and and an administration tool back-end which can be easily installed and configured over a web- based installation procedure. And it runs on  PHP and MySQL servers.  And because it is an open source solution it is being distributed at no cost. osCommerce provides the basic functionality that every online businesses needs. And beyond its basic functionality, osCommerce can be customised by installing additional modules or custom code to meet your specific business needs.

osCommerce is the basis for both Zen Cart and CRE Loaded e-commerce solutions, thus making it more simple and having less features compared to both.  osCommerce runs well though and can meet almost all the basic needs of any online business. osCommerce is back-end functionality for Administrators and front- end functionality for its customer.

The following are the features of osCommerce:

  • Automatic online based installation and upgrade procedure

-Support dynamic pages

  • Administration or back- end functionality

-Customer or Front- end functionality

-Product Functionality

  • Accepts numerous offline and online payment processing
  • Shipping Functionality
  • Flexible tax implementation

osCommerce is a simple shopping cart solution that can meet your basic e-commerce needs, it is not a shrink- wrapped application for those who needed to be spoon- fed nor it is difficult as to have it from scratch. Although osCommerce is equipped with the basic functionality of a shopping cart solution it also has some shortcomings and extensibility. One of the advantages of   applications is the nature of their development process for it allows other users to contribute codes to improve and enhance the system. And osCommerce is not an exception for there are over 2,000 user contributions available. This is critical in creating solutions for loopholes of the systems and fixes some serious issues on payment gateways.

However on the security viewpoint, default installation of osCommerce should not be used in a production environment without being customised. Why is that so? Because there is no admin login authentication protection which is usually available on most authentication systems. Such situation can make your business vulnerable to malicious users.  However, there are modules available to fix such issues. osCommerce is ideal for start up business that engage in order processing.

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