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Theme name: ThesisPlay
Copyright Business: Thesisthemes Commercial Template Club
Compatibility: WordPress 2.8+
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Say hello to ThesisPlay – an exciting new skin from ThesisThemes. This skin is for people who are looking for something far from the conventional Thesis look. Hours were put into changing even the smallest detail to get a totally new, unique Thesis look unlike any other skin out there. Take a look for yourself.
We’ve provided a set of useful options within the WordPress dashboard, conveniently grouped under the standard Thesis Options. We’ve also kept the same look and feel of the standard Thesis options to ensure prime usability. Take advantage of a featured area, theme switcher, header management area and more.
ThesisPlay comes with 8 different themes right out of the box, allowing you to change looks on the fly from the options panel. We’ve also included a custom theme file so you never have to mess with current theme files if you want to try further customization.
As with all of our skins, ThesisPlay is easy to setup and get working on a live site. Instructions are provided to make sure anyone, no matter of technical level, can get a hot site up and running in no time.
If you want further customization of this theme, you can purchase the Photoshop file for a mere $15 which will allow you to create your own customizations with ease.
Check out a review by top Thesis contributer Matt Langford here.

  • Custom options panel to control different aspects of theme
  • Ability to size and replace the logo within the options panel
  • 8 different themes to choose in the options panel (plus a custom theme file to create and save your own custom theme without messing with other themes).
  • A customizable featured area above content to advertise alerts, notes, pitches.etc
  • Well documented, clean CSS code for easy modifications to themes, great for beginners!
  • The ability to update the footer text through the control panel
  • Dedicated forum support
  • Lifetime Updates

Download: ThesisPlay Free


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