ClassiPress v2.9.3 – Premium WordPress Theme

ClassiPress is the first and only premium WordPress theme designed to easily turn your Web site into a classified ads system. Our feature-rich theme was built for ease of use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and selling classified ads on your site within minutes.


  • -changed function from php mail to wp_mail on “report ad” and “send message” features. Resolves intl character issue and problems sending email on some hosts. (single.php line 98 & 189)
  • -added path sniffer feature to discover uploads image directory. Helps resolve issue where thumbnails are blank on the home and single pages. (includes/img_resize.php)
  • -updated plugins to the latest versions.
  • -added missing cp translation tag to the word “ago” and a couple mentions of categories in functions so it gets recognized by the .po translation process. (functions.php line 74 & 2 other spots)
  • -upgraded fancybox script (used for on click image zooming) to 1.2.6 which fixes IE8 “not implemented” JS error.
  • -fixed backslash bug on form fields when ad is submitted without completing all required fields. Added stripslashes function to form fields.
    -security fix to remove ad owners jumbled email address from hidden field on contact ad owner sidebar form. (single.php
  • -fixed IE alignment issue on contact ad owner captcha field. (single.php line 223)
  • -fixed IE 6&7 peekaboo css div bug on login and other pages. Basically those pages had content disappear unless you mouse over it. (.css files added min-width: 0; to .ins class)
  • -fixed IE hover issue now showing hand icon on home page ads. (master.css line 91 added cursor: hand;)
  • -cleaned up several non-compliant tags to wc3 standards
  • -made navigation2 css class % instead of a fixed width to allow for lots of pagination growth. (master.css line 130 changed 400px to 98%)
  • -removed set_time_limit function since it’s not used and generating “Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons” for some people. (form_process.php line 2)
  • -fixed home page date value wrapping when format is long like November 20, 2009. (master.css)
  • -added new function to check for http:// in new ad URL field submission. If it’s missing, automatically add it. (form_process.php line 41 & functions.php line 418)
  • changes:
  • -added paypal support for five new currencies (Brazilian Real, Malaysian Ringgits, Philippine Pesos, Taiwan New Dollars, and Thai Baht). (includes/admin/admin-options.php line 536)
  • -moved favicon admin image to local image folder.
  • -added CP version meta tag.
  • -sticky ads now work on category pages. This was fixed with the WordPress 2.9 release.

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