WP E-Commerce Shipping

Author: Lee Willis

Shipping module for the WP E-Commerce system that offers a matrix of countries, and cart amounts, e.g.

U.K. £0 and over – £5.00 £10 and over – £2.00 £25 and over – £0.00
France £0 and over – £15.00 £10 and over – £12.00 £25 and over – £10.00

You Must already have the following plugin installed:

WP e-Commerce

Support for the right hooks is only available in 3.7.6 beta 3 or newer of WP E-Commerce. If you need to use this on an earlier version you’ll need to apply a small change to core WP E-Commerce. The line to add is documented here

Make sure that the shipping method is selected ( Products >> Settings >> Shipping – Tick “Country / Cart Amount Shipping” )

Configure layers and rates for the coutries that you want to ship to.

Note: Your browser must support Javascript, and you must have it enabled to configure the shipping rates.

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