ClassiPress v2.9.3 – Premium WordPress Theme

ClassiPress is the first and only premium WordPress theme designed to easily turn your Web site into a classified ads system. Our feature-rich theme was built for ease of use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and selling classified ads on your site within minutes.


  • -changed function from php mail to wp_mail on “report ad” and “send message” features. Resolves intl character issue and problems sending email on some hosts. (single.php line 98 & 189)
  • -added path sniffer feature to discover uploads image directory. Helps resolve issue where thumbnails are blank on the home and single pages. (includes/img_resize.php)
  • -updated plugins to the latest versions.
  • -added missing cp translation tag to the word “ago” and a couple mentions of categories in functions so it gets recognized by the .po translation process. (functions.php line 74 & 2 other spots)
  • -upgraded fancybox script (used for on click image zooming) to 1.2.6 which fixes IE8 “not implemented” JS error.
  • -fixed backslash bug on form fields when ad is submitted without completing all required fields. Added stripslashes function to form fields.
    -security fix to remove ad owners jumbled email address from hidden field on contact ad owner sidebar form. (single.php
  • -fixed IE alignment issue on contact ad owner captcha field. (single.php line 223)
  • -fixed IE 6&7 peekaboo css div bug on login and other pages. Basically those pages had content disappear unless you mouse over it. (.css files added min-width: 0; to .ins class)
  • -fixed IE hover issue now showing hand icon on home page ads. (master.css line 91 added cursor: hand;)
  • -cleaned up several non-compliant tags to wc3 standards
  • -made navigation2 css class % instead of a fixed width to allow for lots of pagination growth. (master.css line 130 changed 400px to 98%)
  • -removed set_time_limit function since it’s not used and generating “Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons” for some people. (form_process.php line 2)
  • -fixed home page date value wrapping when format is long like November 20, 2009. (master.css)
  • -added new function to check for http:// in new ad URL field submission. If it’s missing, automatically add it. (form_process.php line 41 & functions.php line 418)
  • changes:
  • -added paypal support for five new currencies (Brazilian Real, Malaysian Ringgits, Philippine Pesos, Taiwan New Dollars, and Thai Baht). (includes/admin/admin-options.php line 536)
  • -moved favicon admin image to local image folder.
  • -added CP version meta tag.
  • -sticky ads now work on category pages. This was fixed with the WordPress 2.9 release.

Visit ClassiPress – Test Demo:

Free Download for ; hotfile  ; rapidshare ; freakshare ; depositfiles


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WordPress E-commerce Theme Artshop Download For Free Demo

WordPress E-commerce Theme Artshop Download For Free Demo

The ArtShop is created for bloggers who’d like to sell items worldwide and/or downloadable items with PayPal as Payment but who would also like to make regular posts. In this template the Shop is the main focus whereas the Art, Photography and Other categories come second.

Download: ArtShop Theme

Preview: ArtShop

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WordPress Ecommerce Themes Market Theme Download For Free

  • WordPress Ecommerce Themes Market Theme Download For Free

Market theme is the Best Shopping wordpress theme available today! it gives you the ability to sell your products via wordpress with complete unique design never seen in a wordpress theme. All you need to do is upload photos, write out your product details and spec’s, add your item cost and shipping price, it also gives you the ability to add sizes and colours for your customer to pick from, it completely integrates paypal and an “add to cart” feature. This is an amazing theme, Check out the preview!

Download: Market WordPress theme free


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WordPress E Commerce Theme Forest Product Affiliator Download For Free

Product Affiliator is a complete product and shop portfolio for selling your items/goods in style! a beautiful brown and cream layout featuring your products on the right of the post, a layout that will draw the attention of any potential buyer, comes with an ads widget, 2 Columns, easy made to work with the post ratings plug-in, ajax build working contact form and auto image resizing making this theme perfect for blogging about your products.

Download: ThemeForest – Product Affiliator Free Now


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6 WordPress Multi Languages Plugins to help your readers to better reading

My readers come from more than 20 countries around the world, they say in different languages, taking into account this problem, so I have recently examined the WordPress Multi Languages Plugins, hope to some of my thoughts to others.

1. Transposh Translation Filter
Transposh aims to make your site much more accessible to others, which naturally includes search engines. This in turn allows more users to get to your site and find your content (even if originally it was written in a language they can’t understand). This site serves as a perfect example, originally written in German, when its great content became translated (and therefor much more available) its reach skyrocketed

In my opinion, WPML is the most powerful WordPress multilingual plugin. WPML has a complete startup guide for new users and its side-wide navigation adds top navigation with drop down menus, breadcrumbs trail navigation and also sidebar navigation. WPML is rather too powerful for a simple multilingual website. You can have a lot of options and configurations through the backend admin menu. Adding a non-support language is not that easy. For example, when I tried to add a language which is not supported by default, I need to go to my MySQL backend and manually add in the SQL queries. Hopefully future version will make this easier.

3. qTranslate
qTranslate is yet another powerful multi languages WordPress plugin. It has advantages over WPML because it allows users to add new languages to the system through the Simplistic Configuration Page. In terms of URL structure, qTranslate provides three modes to make your URLs pretty and SEO friendly:- everywhere compatible ?lang=en, simple and beautiful /en/foo or nice and neat subdomain

4. ZdMultiLang
You can define multiple languages and translate posts/tags/categories using the interface that will be added to your blog’s administration panel. Adding a new user-defined language is very simple through the admin panel, but there are a couple of important things that you should check before adding a new language. For example, the language code and the language permalink. You can read more about this is the plugin website.

5. Language Switcher WordPress Plugin
Setting up the language switcher plugin to work with your WordPress site does take some work. The official website provides a very comprehensive startup guide which covers installing, theme and plugin modifications, translating and Q & A.

6. xLanguage
xLanguage is a full featured plugin which allows you to blog in different language. It works for blog post, page, tags and categories. xLanguage uses tags to differentiate different languages and serve the content to the user based on their selected language.

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Review of e-commerce plugins for wordpress

I’m going to take a look at the major e-commerce plugins (not themes, because this probably should be an apples-to-apples comparison). First up, let’s bundle all those features together into one nice big list and see who does what… this might end up being a work-in-progress, because in some cases, it’s not immediately obvious whether the features are included. If I’ve missed something, let me know.

Feature WP-Ecommerce Eshop Shopp YAK QuickShop
Pricing Free or $40/195 for Gold, plus other modules Free, open source $55 single site, $299 developer Free, open source, €20 for detailed handbook Free, open source
# of Downloads 277,527 57,415 ~3,000 19,575 (~7000 on sourceforge) 30,310
Memory Usage 6.15MB 0.90MB 2.5MB 1.13MB 0.10MB
Post-as-product * *
Multiple types of product (options/variations) * * * *, plus multi-select options *
Support for digital products * * * *
Confirmation email * * * *
Email templates * * Text & HTML Basic, text and html
Product search Gold version only Products are posts, so searchable via WP * Products are posts, so searchable via WP
Product templates * *
Product tags * * * *
Product catalog * *
Products groups/subgroups * Yes, through categorisation (I think) Hierarchical categories (probably the same) Yes, through categorisation
Product attributes or metadata * Yes, via normal post meta * Yes, via normal post meta Basic properties
Configurable out-of-stock message * * *
Order management/history * * *
Dashboard Widgets *
Themes * * (not free) Theme widgets, but not themes as far as I can tell
AJAX support (drag & drop, live update, etc) drag & drop with Gold version drag & drop shopping
Image upload Bulk upload Via WP Drag-and-drop Via WP
Drill-down (or filter) menus *
Promotions/Coupons * *, plus discounts by spending amount Rule Based (by amount, by percentage, free shipping and buy x get y free) Price or shipping discounts with promo codes, plus discounts by spending amount
Related products functionality * Possible with WP tags *
Subscription Module for Gold version
Membership support Module for Gold version
Flat rate shipping * * * * I think so
Weight based shipping * * *
Tiered and/or amount-based shipping *
USPS integration * Add-on
UPS integration * Add-on
Fedex integration Add-on
Shipwire integration *
CA Post integration Add-on
CSV (or other) export Products, Orders, Customer info Products, Orders Orders and Customers in Tab, CSV, (true) XLS and IIF for QuickBooks (orders only) Orders and Customer info
PayPal Std payments * (plus express checkout) * * (plus express checkout) * Redirects to PayPal
PayPal Pro payments * Add-on * payments * Add-on *
Google Checkout payments * * Partial
2checkout payments *
Chronopay payments *
PayJunction payments Add-on (US-only)
FirstData payments Add-on
HSBC ePayments Add-on
eWay payments Add-on (AU-only)
Payson payments * Add-on
eProcessingNetwork payments *
iDeal (moille) payments (Nederlands only) Add-on Add-on
NetCash payments (South Africa only) Add-on
Webtopay payments *
Manual Credit card payments *
Simple payments (cash, cheque, deposit) * *
Accounts receivable payments *
Recurrent billing Members module
Google Base integration * * *
Google Analytics integration Free add-on *
Facebook Marketplace integration *
Email marketing *
Affiliate program Gold (beta at time of writing)
Reports Business reports dashboard Basic Dashboard Stats & Aggregate information in the order log (by filtering) Simple sales reports
Category/Product RSS Feeds Business reports dashboard Basic Dashboard Stats & Aggregate information in the order log (by filtering) Simple sales reports
3rd party integration * Utilise feeds provided by WP
Developer API * *
WPMU support? * * * (not officially supported) *
Internationalisation * * *
Support Model Free support via Forum, paid support available Free support via Forum Free support via Forum Free support via Google Group, plus paid Free support via Forum, paid support by request

Hard to draw any real conclusions from this matrix — WP E-commerce probably leads in terms of features, but those features come with a (resource) cost. Shopp looks like it might come second (in terms of featureset), and certainly covers the most payment gateways, but it’s also a reasonable investment (particularly purchase of a developer license). Given it’s commercial-only, it’s impossible to know what performance or memory usage is like.

Given that no single plugin covers all the possible features, I guess it’s very much a case of identifying the things that are important to you, then choose the plugin which best covers that featureset.

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