WordPress E-commerce Theme Artshop Download For Free Demo

WordPress E-commerce Theme Artshop Download For Free Demo

The ArtShop is created for bloggers who’d like to sell items worldwide and/or downloadable items with PayPal as Payment but who would also like to make regular posts. In this template the Shop is the main focus whereas the Art, Photography and Other categories come second.

Download: ArtShop Theme


Preview: ArtShop



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WordPress Ecommerce Themes Market Theme Download For Free

  • WordPress Ecommerce Themes Market Theme Download For Free

Market theme is the Best Shopping wordpress theme available today! it gives you the ability to sell your products via wordpress with complete unique design never seen in a wordpress theme. All you need to do is upload photos, write out your product details and spec’s, add your item cost and shipping price, it also gives you the ability to add sizes and colours for your customer to pick from, it completely integrates paypal and an “add to cart” feature. This is an amazing theme, Check out the preview!

Download: Market WordPress theme free




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WordPress E Commerce Theme Forest Product Affiliator Download For Free

Product Affiliator is a complete product and shop portfolio for selling your items/goods in style! a beautiful brown and cream layout featuring your products on the right of the post, a layout that will draw the attention of any potential buyer, comes with an ads widget, 2 Columns, easy made to work with the post ratings plug-in, ajax build working contact form and auto image resizing making this theme perfect for blogging about your products.

Download: ThemeForest – Product Affiliator Free Now




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The Future Of E-Commerce

  • Players are stepping on each other’s toes, significant acquisitions are coming and opportunities still abound.

Almost 15 years after the advent of e-commerce, it is interesting to take stock of how its market leaders have progressed. All the pioneers are stepping on each other’s toes. For instance, Amazon’s logical progression will inevitably lead it into Netflix’s territory; Amazon is already squarely in eBay’s. The end of this movie is yet unknown. Will Amazon eventually end up acquiring Netflix?

Amazon, eBay ( EBAY – news – people ) and Netflix ( NFLX – news – people ) announced their earnings results last week, and all of them seem to have performed better than expected.

In fact, Amazon seems to be finally edging its way out of a largely retail business model that was giving it serious bottom-line challenges. What is all the more surprising is that Amazon is doing it in this sordid economic climate.

  • First-quarter revenues grew an impressive 18% to $4.89 billion; earnings per share grew 17% to 41 cents, compared to 34 cents a year ago. Amazon handily beat analysts’ estimates of 31 cents per share on revenues of $4.75 billion.

Amazon continued to remain silent on details of Kindle sales but did say that the number was higher than their expectations. This week they also acquired Lexcycle, the company behind Stanza, a popular free E-Book application for the iPhone. In its effort to enhance margins, I am also anticipating that Amazon will acquire another Seattle company, BlueNile, a diamond jewelry seller.

EBay’s performance was less bright than Amazon’s. First-quarter revenues of $2 billion were marginally higher than the Street’s expectations of $1.9 billion, but they were down 8% from the year-ago quarter. Earnings per share of 39 cents were also higher than the Street’s expectations of 34 cents, but 7% lower than they were in a year ago.

EBay’s core auctions business revenues fell 18% to $1.2 billion due to a 20% drop in the site’s Gross Merchandise Volume. This was despite some big offers, such as free shipping on nearly 30% of items sold on the site.

PayPal, however, continued to perform well, increasing the number of registered users by 22% to more than 184 million. PayPal is now also being used by third party e-commerce sites, like Sears, and continues to enjoy a near monopoly in the segment.
Skype also performed very well: First-quarter revenues grew 6% to $150 million and the company added 37.9 million users. Nonetheless, eBay is finally getting out of Skype. It took a long time, but I am glad to note that John Donohoe’s strategy to turnaround eBay includes spinning off Skype through an IPO.

Besides Skype, eBay is also divesting StumbleUpon. I like the fact that Donohoe is starting to deal with mistakes like Skype. But it is still unclear where eBay is headed. Is acquiring MercadoLibre part of its strategy? It could certainly give eBay an excellent growth engine in Latin America.

According to comScore, Amazon has 60 million visitors on its shopping site compared with 50 million a year ago. By comparison, eBay has 70 million visitors, down from 80.1 million a year ago. So, Amazon has the potential to overtake eBay. I have not been bullish on eBay for a while now and have been anticipating this all along.

In the quarter, Netflix’s subscriber base increased nearly 10% to 10.3 million from the previous quarter. The addition of 920,000 net subscribers was the largest ever addition in the company’s history.

Netflix also said it continued to invest in consumer electronics manufacturers and hopes to form tie-ups so that within a few years, all Internet-connected consumer devices will include a Netflix streaming client.

Netflix, however is facing stiff competition from the DVD rental kiosks operated by Redbox. These kiosks are located in areas that have significant foot traffic, and Redbox charges only a dollar a day for movie rentals. Netflix is aware that with further refinement to the system, the kiosks will be able to make money in the next three years and be present “in every 7-Eleven, every Starbucks and every airline gate.”

In fact, Netflix’s churn rate has edged up as subscribers cite kiosks as the reason for moving out. Still, Netflix said it’s not too concerned about the kiosks because they focus on newly release DVDs, which constitute only about one-third of Netflix’s rental business.

Every time I look at Amazon, eBay and Netflix, they remind me of John Doerr’s famous quote, “The Internet is under hyped.” To think that most of the world–large parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America, China–are not yet on the Internet, is a sobering thought.

Can you imagine how many more significant businesses are yet to be built as the next billion get online?

Source: NYT

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Six Essentials for a Successful of E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are the most common mediums for doing online business. However, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind while looking for E-commerce website development. The following article lists down the six important points that can give you quick and expected success in E-commerce.

Starting with a business was never this easy as it is now-a-days. You require no huge funds to have an office or shop, no need for tons of money for maintenance of it. You can simply begin with global business by having an E-commerce website.  You can have the E-commerce website development in just matters of some days and get your business running. All you need is a good web hosting and good E-commerce portal development company which can direct you the pathway to success. In recent times solid, reliable and reasonably priced e-commerce services are available. A hosted E-commerce service resolves the businessman’s non-product needs such as hosting, shopping cart technology, merchandising, payment, shipping, and so on.

Lot many choices are available these days for selecting a host but this can get you all the more confused as well. There are many companies that provide with plenty of hot offers for E-commerce packages. This is when you need to be careful and make a wise choice. Here are certain denominators to consider while choosing E-commerce service provider.

•Full Wizard driven setup- First of all, you need to select a hosted E-commerce solution that is all in one. It should provide you with set up facility as well. A wizard enables to take you from start to the finish in the completion of a fully operational e-commerce storefront.

•Selection of templates- As one size does not fit all, similarly, one template is does not go for all the products and services. There is a wide range of products that you wish to sell in you E-commerce website and therefore, ask the host to provide you with customizable templates, designs and styles.

•Payment Gateways- PayPal is the most commonly used medium for getting and making payments. However, having only PayPal is not enough.  You need to have other payment gateways as well which can cater to the needs of all your customers. The best E-commerce portal development company will provide you with the facility of multiple payments.

•Features of Import/Export in Catalog- All most all E-commerce storefront permits you to create a catalog but there are only few that will allow you to import or export data. This is important for you in case if you wish to change the host.

•Marketing Capabilities- Building an E-commerce storefront is enough in itself. You need to market your E-commerce storefront well enough to get you good amount of customers. Make sure you market you E-commerce website in a proper manner.

•Shipping – This is undoubtedly an important part of your E-commerce website. Hosted E-commerce must include automated shipping calculation for hosted E-Commerce solution to be of any practical use.

Viteb is your all in one E-commerce solutions provider. You need not go looking for any other E-commerce portal development company as you get all you need at Viteb and that too at the reasonable costs. Viteb can make your business reach to the acme in your business that you have imagined.

  • Source: myfreearticledirectory.com

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How Easily Should Social Networks Reveal Friends To E-Commerce Sites?

The foundation of the intersection of social networks and E-Commerce is that consumers will be much more likely to trust and buy from a retailer if they know that their friends are already buying from that chain. The Catch-22 of such an approach is that it’s difficult to get a consumer to name friends without some huge immediate benefit to that consumer. And, no, the unearthing of friends who already shop at an E-Commerce site is seen as a benefit to the retailer, not to the consumer.
One approach that has been tried is leveraging services such as Facebook Connect, which lets a user log onto Facebook and then log onto an E-Commerce site (using the same browser) and allow that site to access Facebook names—with the customer’s permission—without the customer revealing a Facebook password to the E-Commerce site. But then it runs into the limit of the system’s inability to display a friend’s shopping pattern without that friend’s permission. (”Hi, Brenda! I see that you’re shopping at Phil’s Pervert Video House, too.”)
One vendor, TurnTo Networks, has rolled out a tweak that might help a little. If consumers connect an E-Commerce site with their list of friends—either by typing them in or by connecting the merchant site with existing lists from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or other social sites—it will give a heads-up that one friend has already used that site. It won’t say who it is, but it will ask that friend’s permission to be revealed.
The idea is a good one, but tiptoeing into this neighborhood is dangerous. What if the customer, for example, has only one or two friends listed? Wouldn’t this notification of “one of your friends has shopped here” be a privacy violation?

But there’s also the fundamental issue of how much people will use such a service. It’s easy to see how many GenY consumers will want to shop where their friends shop. But wouldn’t they be more likely to simply pose that question to their friends directly?

Another small hurdle: TurnTo’s existing merchants tend to be on the very small side—mostly niche merchants. That’s fine, though, because many of E-Commerce’s greatest treasures are found in relatively obscure sites. But what are the odds that someone’s friends will have already shopped there? Isn’t there a bad flip side to this if consumers are routinely being told “Nope. None of your friends shop here”? Most merchants would rather the system stay silent unless a friend is discovered to have shopped there.
A nice touch that TurnTo has added is that the social network integration can be done once, but used repeatedly. “Once it’s done, it’s done for any merchant that uses TurnTo,” said TurnTo CEO George Eberstadt, which lists about 24 merchants as participating. “If a friend-match is found and the friend has agreed to serve as a reference for the merchant, we show the shopper the friend’s name.”
Eberstadt argues that this approach can also be used to encourage return visits from existing customers. “The on-behalf-of-shopper E-mail is a powerful, friendly way to bring past-customers back to the site. For example: imagine you’re into your truck and you recently bought snazzy hubcaps at Stylintrucks,” he said. “You get a message from them to the effect that, ‘Your friend (insert name) is shopping here and has a question. Mind helping her out?’ with a link back to the site to take action.”
The integration of social networks and E-Commerce is essential, and it will happen. But there will be a lot of slips and falls en route. What TurnTo has done may not be perfect; early pioneer moves rarely are. It’s now up to E-Commerce giants to try crafting their own ideas.

Source: storefrontbacktalk.com

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Thesis WordPress Theme Version 1.6

The Thesis premium WordPress ecommerce theme from DIY Themes just got even more awesome with version 1.6. In addition to excelling at critical tasks like SEO, site speed, and layout flexibility, version 1.6 now offers design controls that allow you to change the look of your site – think colours, borders, and backgrounds – etc all without touching a bit of code (not even copying and pasting CSS!). Check all the new features here.

About Thesis
Thesis is a powerful, high quality WordPress master framework that makes it easy for anyone to run a professional, customized blog or website. Thesis comes with one of the most comprehensive Option Panels that allows you to easily control and customize almost every aspect of the framework with ease. You can select the font style and sizes, colours for most elements, the number of columns (1, 2 or 3 columns), the order of those columns and the exact width of each individual column – all without having to dig into the pages of code. Thesis also boats the strongest SEO of any WordPress ecommerce. theme. Some well know internet personalities and SEO “gurus” use Thesis.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a high-quality template system that you can use to improve your site immediately.

Thesis boasts the strongest SEO of any theme on the market today thanks to its expertly-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework. Not only that, Thesis also contains additional options that will allow you to fine-tune each and every page of your site. The days of worrying about your in-site SEO are over—with Thesis, your strategy is “just add killer content.”

Not a coder? Not a problem. The Thesis option panels allow you to command your site with ease, while Thesis does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. You’ve never had this much control over your site before, and this is precisely what makes Thesis indispensable to critical webmasters all over the globe.

The difference is in the details. You may not know it, but typography and visual clarity are two of the most important aspects of your site. Properly setting type on the web is an exercise in mathematical precision, and this is not an area where you want to compromise. After all, typography is the primary vehicle for the most important thing on your site—your content!

What about customizations and design changes? Thesis contains a futureproof customization system that allows you to produce unique designs, all while keeping your changes isolated to just two key files! And thanks to a revolutionary layout generator (with 1, 2, and 3-column layout combinations) and pinpoint font controls, testing tons of different layout variants has never been easier!

In addition to our in-house support staff, there are also tons of amazingly talented users who help newbies and veterans alike in our forums. On top of that, we’re ratcheting up the support with the addition of video tutorials, so now you’ll be able to do more with Thesis than ever before!


Update: Skin ThesisPlay Thesis-Skin WordPress Theme

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